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No perfume recommendations for Christmas 2014?

Let’s face it: Many of us haven’t even finished last year’s bottle of their annual Christmas gift-pack. With more than 1700 (!!!) NEW fragrances flooding the market in 2014 and the most popular mass-market fragrance family still being the fruity floral, I have to ask the question of whether it is really worth buying the latest releases.

Since “niche fragrance” has become the new hype, many so-called “niche lines” have been launched by well-known, big companies. So be concerning:  an extremely high price and the aspect of “limited distribution” in a posh perfumery do not automatically entail a genuine, “artistic” niche fragrance. We all know that the big companies have to worry about budgets and focus groups, cost and saleability. That’s why you find so many repetitions and copies on the market: one mega-seller always becomes the model for other fragrances done in the same way.

But let’s look at some of this year’s mainstream launches.

BottegavenetaKnotot Knot – by Bottega Veneta. Neroli and lavender rule. A white, clean bathroom-scent. Average. The first Bottega Veneta was much better.


DaisyDreamRol Daisy Dream – by Marc Jacobs. Light, fresh, generic. Just another flanker in a pretty perfume vessel.


ForeverVera Forever Vera – forever fruity-floral? It seems as if they never  change the basic formula, they just add some new aromachemical reaking of a new type of fruit/flower.


Wunderwasser for herWunderwasser” by 4711- even Eaux de Colognes have to take the fruity road – no wonder and no admiration on my part here. An inoffensive EdC, not distinctive enough to be called “Wunderwasser”.


LotusIsseyMiyake1 L’Eau d’Issey Lotus – by Issey Miyake: a nice flanker. But if you haven’t emptied your bottle of the original L’eau d’Issey yet and if you aren’t a collector, why bother?


KarlLagerfeldfemmeneu The 2014 Karl Lagerfeld fragrance is the worst scent ever released under his name. I bet the great designer never tried this awful chemical soup himself.


LLaimeEdt L L’Aime Eau de toilette – by Lolita Lempicka. The Eau de Parfum from 2013 was called “Elle l’aime” and smelled much better. Why should you buy this 2014 Eau de toilette?


CoqueD'Or Poudre1 Coque d’Or Shimmering Powder  – by Guerlain. Such a huge disappointment. The bottle is from cheap plastic and the powder itself doesn’t even emanate a distinctive smell. At the price of approx. 78 Euro this was my worst Guerlain-experience ever.


If you want to give your family&friends a good perfume for Christmas, try to find out what they liked/wore/loved/used in the past and don’t give them the latest flanker, the perfume in the most attractive vessel or the random designer fragrance recommended by the charming young shop-assistant.

Instead, follow your nose and start by looking at perfumes from the same fragrance family. If your friend is fond of a particular perfume, she/he will probably like others belonging to the same category.

Maharani intense2

Always remember that perfumes are a way of communicating without words. A fragrance  expresses, represents and defines its wearer – and it always has an impact on others.

So what is it YOU want to communicate by choosing a particular fragrance for your loved ones?



Don’t make your choice in a few minutes, don’t be guided by the brand-name, the image, the campaign. Devote more energy than just a short visit at the perfume counter to your aim of finding the right fragrance for someone you love/like.

Thus picking the right gift could turn into an exciting journey off the beaten track of fragrance campaigns.

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