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Deckblatt Perfumeguide

Dear readers and friends,

2014 was a very productive year for me. In January, I staged and performed my first very own play for the Hanauer Marionettentheater, “KING”.  And I discovered that one of the ugliest perfume vessels on the planet  policetobeking2 looked fantastic on stage. Yes, this awful “bottle” turned into an essential prop.

February saw the publication of my little book “99 Duftballons“:

Deckblatt - Werbung Jale 3

In March, I tried some of Oriza L. Legrand‘s gorgeous perfumes for the very first time… and fell in love with this one:


Foin Fraichement Coupé” – a perfect scent for spring.

In April I tried nearly 30 new fragrances, but most of them were not in the least memorable. Here’s is an acceptable one which stuck out:



And here’s is one I can’t recommend, because it’s just a copy of “Candy” with a French name.



In May, I watched a fascinating tv-documentary devoted to the house of Lubin and their perfumers Delphine Thierry and Thomas Fontaine. When Delphine said that her perfume “Akkad” was “résineux et représente la richesse florale de la Provence, mais aussi les choses dorées et une pierre chaude” I decided to try it. It has become one of my favourite scents.


June 2014 was a very warm month. On a trip to Munich I wasn’t sure which perfume to wear: an old friend or a newcomer? I finally opted for a timeless classic: “Christalle” by Chanel.


And I discarded that one:


In July I went to England. Here are some of the fragrances I brought back from Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Newquay:

Holly Sharpe1

KenzoMyAmour2JuliettehasagunMadmadam1BlackStoneneues im Dez12-16

Well, I have to confess that some of them were heavily reduced and that their vessels attracted me more than their contents. Madonna’s “Truth or Dare Naked” isn’t available in Germany and at the price of 10 Pounds, it was a bargain. Staying-power is excellent, the fragrance itself is a sweet, slightly woody gourmand.

When I travelled to Poland in August, I couldn’t find a single fragrance which was made in the country itself. Of course I’m familiar with “Pani Waleska“, but even this popular Polish perfume wasn’t on display. Instead I spotted Calvin Klein’s “Beauty”,

Beauty2 which I had wanted for quite a while and which cost half of the regular price they charge in Germany. And for those who don’t mind bootlegs from China, street vendors in Gdansk offered imitations of various French and Italian fragrances, for example:


September was a great month, because it’s always a pleasure to receive fragrant birthday gifts. This year, I was particularly lucky. A friend from Istanbul gave me a perfume he created only for me:

Jaleprivat It’s a rich, deep, wonderful chypre. Thank you so much, Omer!

And I also got this:

Fleur dereine3Fleur de Reine“, a big, fat tuberose.

And LairdutempsPutman “L’Air du temps” in a collector’s bottle.


In October, I found out that Balmain’s “Extatic” comes in a fantastic vessel, but can’t be compared to the fabulous relaunch of “Ivoire“. Unfortunately, “Extatic” is just another triumph of form over content.


I also continued preparations for an exhibition of my perfume-vessels in the “Hessisches Puppen-und-Spielzeug-Museum” in Hanau, Germany. The exhibition will open in May 2015 and you’ll read much more about it on this blog next year.


In November, I bought some fragrant Christmas-presents and picked the following perfumes  for my daughter Julia:


This year’s new releases like “Black Opium” and the latest “Euphoria“-flanker were totally repulsive, so I bought a beautiful Micallef-scent from 2012 and Etro’s “Rajasthan” from 2013 for my discerning offspring.

In December I discovered yet another fascinating perfume by Oriza L. Legrand. My  wonderful Parisian friend Helene took the trouble of buying a set of samples for me at 18, rue Saint-Augustin and made sure it included the newly released “Violettes du Czar”.

Should you happen to love violets, this should go on your test-list.




The end of the year 2014 also saw the release of a new “city-fragrance”. Krefeld (a city in North-Rhine-Westphalia) released a fragrance which is supposed to celebrate the particular atmosphere of the hitherto famous fashion-town. Since I passed nine years of my childhood and school-life in Krefeld, I decided to grab a bottle of this limited edition fragrance:

ESNC Crefeld1ESNCCrefeld2

The vessel is stylish, but as for the scent… it’s so “meh”: an uninventive mixture of greenish, fruity notes on a slightly woody base. I would have thought Henkel from Düsseldorf, the chemical giant behind the production, could have done better. By the way, Krefeld’s first fragrance was much nicer (it smelled like a copy of “J’adore”).

Krefeld    But isn’t it funny that my old hometown seems to be the only place in Germany which releases perfumes for promotional purposes?

Finally I received a stunning gift for Christmas last week: half a liter of “Shalimar” in the iconic Guerlain “abeille”-bottle. WOW!


I also received this one

Wardasina2Wardasina” by Sospiro. (Shame on me, I had never heard of the brand before). It certainly is very beautiful from the outside, with the vessel being cled in red velvet:

Weih14-neu01-13 The fragrance is an extremely potent mix of rose, aoud, saffron and other strong components done in the style of “Black Afgano”. Since I’m not into this kind of fragrances at all,  “Wardasina” will probably be passed on to someone else.

So much about 2014 in terms of fragrances.


A happy and healthy NEW YEAR to all my readers and friends!

And please remember: In 2015, I hope to meet you at our exhibition in Hanau/Germany!

See you soon!



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