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Ludovica di Loreto’s new fragrance “Lú Donna”

Ludovica Di Loreto belongs to a family of Italian perfumers. She studied fashion at the University of Rome and at the London College of Fashion.

The inspiration for her beautiful new fragrance springs from a stay in Stockholm, where she decided to embark on her perfume project evoking the colour and warmth of Italy. Stockholm, the melancholic nordic city, formed a stark contrast to her beloved Rome and by creating her fragrance, Ludovica was able to travel to Italy in her mind. So far, so good.

Now believe me or not, I wasn’t really intrigued when Ludovica told me that her fragrance belongs to the group of “fruity-florals”. I have always been attracted to non-mainstream perfumes and don’t enjoy most of these fashionable fruit-scents mixed with artificial flowers.

But “Lú Donna” is different! It’s a high quality fragrance with a much lower distribution level and it smells utterly gorgeous!

From the point of view of creativity, I have to confess that Ludovica Di Loreto really managed to come up with a fragrance which is very beautiful and versatile at the same time – and all of this in spite of the hackneyed fruity-floral genre.



“Lú Donna” mixes traditional Italian scents like mandarin and Calabrian bergamot with fresh lemon blossom and grapefruit. Although there are some conventional fruity notes in the centre, (raspberry, peony, apple), the addition of violet redefines this modern fruity-floral: no overripe bananas or mangos, but kind-hearted, soft floral beauty instead. Also present are vanilla, white musk, patchouli and sandalwood for warmth and smoothness and an underlying sensuality.
“Lú” floats a veil of tranquil beauty over you, but it also gives out sunny glints throughout the day. Indeed, “Lú Donna” manages effortlessly to epitomize “la dolce vita” and symbolizes this particularly passionate Romanesque enthusiasm for love and life.



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