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“DUST” – memories, love… and perfumes in the water



Ah, Love! could you and I with Him conspire

To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,

Would not we shatter it to bits – and then

Re-mould it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


Amor Amor Elixir Passion water


The concepts of alchemy and perfumery are inextricably interwoven…

and the idea of personal transformation via PERFUME seems plausible.

A scent does have the ability to transform an emotion or a thought in an instant!


Soi roge Avon water


Find something fragrant you really love the smell of (anything, a rose petal, a certain spice, an essential oil, a bar of chocolate). Or even your favourite shower gel.


Burning Ice water


Now close your eyes. As you breathe in the scent, focus on the images or feelings you experience.


la Nuit Rabanne water


What do you see? Does the smell conjure up memories of people or events?


Youth Dew Black 2


“Youth Dew” for example reminds me of my teenage days. It was one of my first perfumes, heavy and sweet, accompanying me to piano lessons, gently evoking the sensual potential in me.


Black Badetag-2


Our sense of smell is connected to the part of our brain which instantly links smells with past experiences (limbic system).


Fler de roacialle water


Strong associations between a smell and a situation, an incidence of intense pleasure or deep sadness, for example, are stored in the unconscious memory.


Black Badetag3-12


When we encounter an identical or very similar smell again, the smell triggers the same feelings which were felt originally.


Black Badetag2-27

As we experience most smells while growing up, childhood memories influence the fragrances we like and dislike.


Black Badetag2-19


It is very difficult to “re-programm” the preferences we have developed.

Wonderstruck taylor swift


And probably not even useful.

I for my part will always love smelling “AZZARO POUR HOMME”.

AzzarohommeschiefMy father’s signature scent.



Kreativ Workshop 01-21

for H.A. (28.8.1933 – 01.05.2010).






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